StubHub Releases 2006 Concert Ticket Sales Report

SAN FRANCISCO (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — StubHub, the country’s most-trafficked secondary marketplace for tickets, has released its first annual concert industry ticket report on sales activity across music events during 2006.

Rankings were based on 2006 tours with a minimum of 20 dates and at least 1,000 total tickets sold via The data includes the top grossing tours and those with the highest average ticket price in 2006.

StubHub Key Stats of 2006 (as December 18, 2006):
o Gross sales of concert tickets on increased 95% in 2006

o The average price of concert tickets sold via StubHub decreased $20 per ticket on average in 2006 ($145) when compared to 2005 ($165)

o The Rolling Stones “A Bigger Bang” tour was the biggest selling tour of the year in terms of gross dollars

o Jimmy Buffett’s “Party at the End of the World” tour sold the most actual tickets for a concert series

o Barbara Streisand’s tour topped the average ticket price category at a whopping $406 per show

o Six of StubHub’s Top 10 Grossing Tours of 2006 also toured in 1986 or earlier (Stones, Madonna, Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet, Bon Jovi, Barbara Streisand)

o Of the top 10 grossing tours in 2006, American Idols Live, a compilation of finalists from the hit TV show, is the only act debuting in the 21st century

o StubHub grew more than 120% year-over-year based on the actual number of concert tickets sold via the site

o The number of active buyers and sellers on StubHub nearly doubled in 2006 from last year. The number of unique visitors to the site has climbed to an average of nearly 3 million per month at year’s end.

StubHub’s million dollar North American tours of 2006, listed below, were the highest grossing overall on StubHub in 2006, all surpassing the $1 million mark in total ticket sales: (ranked in order of highest gross:

StubHub's Top Grossing Tours:
Madonna Confessions Tour; 34 concerts
Billy Joel My Lives Tour; 35 concerts
Soul 2 Soul Featuring Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Soul2Soul II Tour; 74 concerts
Jimmy Buffett Party at the End of the World Tour; 16 concerts
Barbra Streisand Streisand: The Tour; 20 concerts
Dave Matthews Band ; 65 concerts
Bon Jovi Have a Nice Day Tour; 39 concerts
Kenny Chesney The Road & The Radio 2006 Tour; 26 concerts
American Idols Live American Idols LIVE! Tour; 60 concerts
Red Hot Chili Peppers Intergalactic Tour; 36 concerts
Coldplay Twisted Logic Tour; 33 concerts
Cheetah Girls The Party's Just Begun Tour; 64 concerts
Eric Clapton; 24 concerts
Tool; 51 concerts
The Who; 39 concerts
Roger Waters The Dark Side of the Moon Live; 21 concerts.

According to StubHub, the $100 average ticket price benchmarks established success. StubHub has gathered the top 10 grossing concert acts for 2006 in three pricing levels (1) under $100, (2) between $100 and $150, and (3) over $150.

Super Stars – Over $150 (average price):
Barbra Streisand – $406
Rolling Stones – $263
Madonna – $247
Eric Clapton – $207
The Who – $199
Billy Joel – $174
Red Hot Chili Peppers – $161
Bon Jovi – $157
Soul 2 Soul Tour Featuring Faith Hill and Tim McGraw – $155
Roger Waters – $154

Shining Stars – $100 – $149:
Kenny Chesney – $148
Radiohead – $148
American Idols Live – $144
Coldplay – $142
Tool – $134
Dave Matthews Band – $133
Jimmy Buffett – $131
Rascal Flatts – $119
Cheetah Girls – $117
Pearl Jam – $103

Rising Stars – Under $100:
Kid Rock – $96
The Killers – $92
James Blunt — $85
Evanescence $84
Fall Out Boy – $81
Ben Harper – $80
The Fray – $77
Alice in Chains- $76
Panic At the Disco – $71
The Strokes – $60

— Jane Cohen and Bob Grossweiner