Virgin Entertainment Group, BPI Host Industry Roundtable

Top executives from Virgin Entertainment Group will join forces with
British music executives including record label moguls, emerging and established
British artists and music journalists to
discuss promoting British music in today's diverse and highly competitive American
marketplace. It was recently noted that not a single
British artist is featured in Billboard Magazine's top 50, for the first time in more
than 25 years.

In an effort to help escalate the success of emerging UK artists, Virgin is hosting the
British Phonographic Industry London
Calling Panel on Thursday, July 11, from 9am – noon, at Virgin Megastore, Times
Square, in New York. The event will include a meet-and-greet
breakfast, as well as an hour-an-a-half panel discussion and Q&A session with the
following British music authorities:

Dave Alder, Senior Vice president of Product and Marketing, Virgin
Entertainment Group, North America

Paul Birch, Managing Director of Revolver Records, Chairman of BPI's
International Committee

Brian Garrity, Editor, Billboard

Bill Diggins, President, Diggit! Entertainment Management

Justin Oppelaar, Music Reporter, Daily Variety

Lesley Bleakley, CEO, The Beggars Group (USA, inc.)

Joy Feuer, Vice President Field Sales, Capitol Records

Gerri Hart, Editor, CMJ

Andy Cox, Artist, Cribabi, English Beat, Fine Young Cannibals

"There's a lot of buzz about this topic in U.S. music news and we think this
roundtable discussion will offer the media an opportunity to
explore the situation further," Dave Alder, senior vice president of product and
marketing, Virgin Entertainment Group, North America,
said. "As a British brand in America, we are pleased to support an outlet where
possible solutions can be discussed."

"The U.S. market accounts for 40% of global music sales yet it has become an
increasingly difficult market to break," Andrew Yeates,
Director General, British Phonographic Industry in London, said. "Any initiative
which gives British acts a competitive advantage has to
be welcomed."

"Virgin Entertainment Group and the BPI are giving Americans a choice, so they
can make-up their own mind about music and not be dictated by some big
networks," Paul Birch, managing director, Revolver Records and
Chairman of the BPI's International Committee, said.

Following the panel, reporters will be treated to a live concert by British band
Cribabi, with Andy Cox, former member of English Beat
and The Fine Young Cannibals.

Press will also have the opportunity to conduct one-on-one interviews with panel
and band members.