Spotify Expands Self-Serve Ad Platform To UK, Canada

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(Hypebot) — Spotify is expanding the public beta of its Ad Studio self-service ad platform to the UK and Canada. Much like Facebook’s ad platform, Spotify Ad Studio allows marketers to create audio ads on Spotify.  In the US, the minimum ad buy is $250.


Spotify Ad Studio lets us connect with listeners who are already engaged and plugged in,” said Mark Kovic, label director at Kovic Productions, one of Spotify’s beta test partners in the UK. “On other platforms, you spend a lot of time trying to find an audience of music fans — on Spotify, they’re already listening.”

Here is Spotify’s pitch to advertisers: 

Streaming Intelligence: “At Spotify, we understand people through music. Since people stream throughout the day, we have a deep understanding of their moods, mindsets and the context in which they are listening. As a result, Spotify Ad Studio’s targeting features aren’t just based on age, gender and location, but also genres and playlists. Advertisers can craft relevant messaging to reach the right people in the right moment based on whether they’re partying or chilling; whether they’re jamming out to Rock or winding down with R&B.”

The Power of Audio. “Now that streaming is mainstream, your audience is listening more than ever. And research from Nielsen Media Lab proves that audio ads have a unique impact, driving purchase intent (2X as likely to lift purchase intent than display ads) and ad recall (24% higher).”

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