The Orchard Appoints Mona Fimreite As Director Of European Marketing and Sales

The Orchard Appoints Mona Fimreite As Director Of European Marketing and Sales

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OSLO, Norway (CelebrityAccess) – The Orchard announced the hiring of international music veteran Mona Fimreite to lead its European Marketing and Sales team.

In her new role, Fimreite will work with The Orchard’s European sales and marketing teams to bolster the company’s realases and coordinate between the company’s ten marketing offices across the region.

Fimreite comes to The Orchard from Oslo-headquartered Phonofile, where she led the company’s marketing efforts. Her background includes stints in software development and computer science with roles in digital marketing and e-commerce.

In 2009, she signed on with Sony Music Norway, where she was involved in the development of the global playlist engine brand “Filtr.” After joining Phonofile in 2013, she took a major role in developing the company’s internal and external marketing and analytics toolset as the company evolved from a music delivery platform into a label service company, offering digital marketing consulting to labels and artists.

Past projects include Charlie Cunningham, Highasakite and Karpe (Diem), as well as local marketing campaigns under Sony Music Norway working with artists such as Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and One Direction.

“Mona’s analytical approach, combined with her passion for music and understanding of fan behaviour, makes her natural-born for this role. She is focused on driving success for our artists and labels. We are confident her vision and leadership will lead The Orchard to an even higher level of success,” The Orchard’s Chief Operating Officer, Colleen Theis, said.

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