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How to Easily Choose Corporate Party Entertainment

How to Easily Choose Corporate Party Entertainment

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Venue and design choices aside, corporate party entertainment has to be on point, which means that, as an event planner, you cannot afford to go easy on any of these aspects.

In what concerns the entertainment bit, we thought it would be helpful if we comprised a list of questions you should go through before starting to break down the budget.

How Much Entertainment Do You Need?

Budget-wise, you need to have a clear grasp of how many acts you need and should hire.

If your party is addressed to employees, you will not need an act to break the ice; a live band is enough. If, however, you want to reward your staff with something special, you can go for a second act to reinforce your appreciation and make them feel special.

In the eventuality that your corporate event aims at creating a networking-friendly environment, you will need an opener. Stand-up comedy, improv comedy or a variety act can do wonders for your guests and will likely trigger new connections.

What Kind of Corporate Party Entertainment Best Suits Your Company Culture?

This question should be the driving force behind any company event.

Whatever concept you come up with for the party, it should fit your brand’s message because a party is also an investment in an overall greater brand building strategy.

Can You Afford to Experiment with Your Entertainment?

Because if not, you need to look in a slightly different direction, namely at clean comedy acts or non-controversial kinds of performances.

It is best if you know from the get-go exactly what kind of audience you will have and which are their main interests and how your corporate party entertainment can cater to them.

If the audience is more compact and targeted, indeed, you can afford to hire less commonly encountered variety acts, for instance.

If attendees come from a more diversified background, a safe choice could be clean comedy or even clean magic comedy.

Do Performers Have Feedback from Corporate/Enterprise Clients?

You spot an interesting act, you start researching it, and it seems to you that it might be just what you need to enliven your upcoming party.

However, has this act been validated by similar companies? Has it been tested in the corporate medium?

The answer to these questions is to be found in the testimonial section of any performer’s website. If they have experience in the field, they will want to showcase these high-profile reviews as visibly as possible.

The moment you read acknowledgment from company representatives is the moment you can 100% decide to pick that particular act for your event as well.

Do You Need Entertainment Ideas?

Important events are made memorable when infused with FRESH Ideas and great entertainment. When finding entertainers for an event, whether it is corporate, non-profit or interactive, it is important to consider the audience. Large events require performers with a comic touch, a unique sensibility and a willingness to engage the audience.

Entertainers like Joe Castillo, Heidi Schwartz, Bob Stromberg, Simon Pierro and Taylor Mason are perfect for any event. These comedians and artists use their individual brands of charm to make events special and are a surefire way to spice up any party or function. Their talents run the gamut from ventriloquism to sand art, and their unique skills can be tailored to suit events both large and small.

Joe Castillo is a one of a kind artist who has inspired audiences around the world with his stunning sand art. He is a consummate storyteller, weaving together words and images to create a memorable live experience. He has performed for millions of people in over twenty countries and is an excellent choice for corporate events, conferences, and other functions.

Heidi Schwartz uses her art to make any party unforgettable. She brings her talents to myriad events, from charity banquets to birthday bashes, and creates paintings that perfectly capture the atmosphere of the party. The merit of the artwork is twofold, as her painting are both live performances and treasured keepsakes.

For an event in need of FRESH Ideas, Bob Stromberg is the ideal balance of comedy and artistry. His blend of physical comedy and hand shadows makes him an infectious performer, suitable for any event. He has entertained Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and more with his deft comic persona and engaging wit.

Simon Pierro is a digital magician who uses technology to create astounding spectacles and dazzling illusions. Armed with an iPad and a treasure trove of trade secrets, Pierro has delighted audiences all over the world, from his home country of Germany to the United States. His tech-savvy magic makes him an ideal entertainer for corporate events.

Taylor Mason is a successful comic in any venue. His sharp delivery and ventriloquism act can be tailored to meet the needs of corporate events, comedy clubs or shows for kids. He brings FRESH Ideas and inclusive humor to any event and is sure to delight any audience he meets.

FRESH Ideas make corporate entertainment any function better. Try an outside the box entertainer to create a truly memorable event. From live artists to tech wizards, the live entertainment has never been more diverse. Entertainers such as Taylor Mason, Simon Pierro, Bob Stromberg, Heidi Schwartz and Joe Castillo are inventive performers who make any event magical.

Is Your Company Ready to Party the Night Away?

Of course, this question is somewhat rhetorical – we all know the answer, and the answer is “yes”.

As the event planner of such an expected event, you have to be on your toes and nail the choices for the best corporate party entertainment.


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