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Birmingham Musician Faces Backlash After Controversial Social Media Posts

Birmingham Musician Faces Backlash After Controversial Social Media Posts

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BIRMINGHAM, AL (CelebrityAccess) — An Alabama-based musician who claimed on social media that he’d be willing to shoot illegal immigrants at the border, says he’s lost work due to the backlash.

In a post, which has now been removed, but which was captured in a screenshot, McCain purportedly wrote:

“I’ll tell ya what I’ll volunteer to shoot their a**es when they approach the border. Problem solved. No more illegal f**ks coming in here. Period.

“I don’t give a s**t about them, their kids, their s****y life or asylum. I care about American kids and American families. You’ve got to be a complete idiot to not get it, but then again we are talking about the libtard agenda. Liberalism is a mental disorder and I’m d**n sure glad that I’m not dumb s**t.”

Since images of his post went viral, McCain says he was fired from the band Buck Wild and said he’s had three upcoming solo gigs canceled, worth about $3,000 in booking fees.

McCain told the Birmingham News that the post had been taken out of context, but declined to walk it back completely. McCain told the paper that he was only trying to express his willingness to defend the nation’s borders.

“I’m not the person I’m being made out to be right now. I’m just an American and I believe in America first, and that’s something that people don’t want to hear these days,” he told the newspaper in an email. “When people speak the truth, they don’t want to hear it these days. And now I’ve found myself in a s**tstorm, so to speak.”

Pablo’s Restaurante & Cantina in Birmingham was one of the venues that canceled an upcoming solo show by McCain. Putu Primanta, who handles booking at Pablo’s told the Birmingham News that he canceled the performance due to a deluge of complaints about McCain’s social media post.

“Our clientele is from many different backgrounds and I was afraid it was going to hurt our business. I’m just here trying to make a living and be friends with everybody,” he told the Birmingham News.

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