Spotify and SoundGirls Launch Database For Women In Audio Production

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(CelebrityAccess) – Spotify and SoundGirls, a nonprofit aimed at boosting the number of women and gender-nonconforming persons in the music industry, have joined forces to launch a global networking database called EQL Directory.

The free online database, which is aimed at bringing gender parity to the music industry at a time when less than five percent of all audio professionals are estimated to be women, is being heralded as place to showcase work and build connections in addition to serving as a tool for those looking to hire.

Commenting on the initiative, Spotify’s Director of Social Impact Kerry Steib explained, “SoundGirls already had this global directory of women in audio and production. We came together to help them make it more beautiful, more useful and more visible within the industry.”

The EQL Directory was created by SoundGirls co-founders Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato and Pearl Jam sound engineer Karrie Keyes.

Going forward the initiative will also be shaped by an advisory board that includes TRAKGIRL, Lauren D’Elia, Jin Jin, Kesha Lee, and Ali Tamposi.

Individuals are free to submit their names to the EQL Directory, and businesses can use it to search for local talent.

You can learn more about EQL Directory and join their community here.

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