Jerry Media, Andy King, Maroon 5, Linda Perry, Etc.

Jerry Media, Andy King, Maroon 5, Linda Perry, Etc.

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Dave Brooks over at Amplify dives deep into the curious world of PR firm Jerry Media and its alleged tendency to steal – make that “curate” – jokes from comedian (the expose is itself a deep dive from another deep dive over at Vulture) plus its controversial participation in one of the two Fyre Festival documentaries.

Speaking of Jerry Media, which created the online marketing for the Fyre Festival, that fest’s heroic character-turned-meme Andy King recently told Vanity Fair he is fielding television offers to have his own reality show.

Maroon 5 has seen a 434 percent sales gain after its Super Bowl halftime show.

Linda Perry talks to Billboard about gender disparity in the music business.

Four cast members from “The Big Bang Theory” are set to play DJ on Sirius/XM’s new Beatles channel this Thursday.

There is a new 10-minute mini-documentary on sober concertgoers

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