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Need More YouTube Engagements?

Need More YouTube Engagements?

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Orlando, Florida (CelebrityAccess) – Do you know YouTube is one of the fastest-growing video sharing platforms in the world and the second-largest search engine behind Google? Basically, YouTube is a search engine for videos!

YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006, making it the second-largest acquisition by Google. As a result, Google and YouTube advertisements are managed on the same Google Ads platform, and there are several ways to leverage these two platforms to maximize our campaign performance.

If you’re an artist looking to increase your awareness, YouTube is a great place to start. There are several goals you can achieve with YouTube and many ways to use the platform to ensure you get the most out of your budget. One of your main goals for YouTube Ad campaign should be to send visitors to your website and social media channels.

It’s also important to add links to your channel and videos. You will get clicks and better results by delivering quality videos and unique content. If you’re an artist, YouTube is a fantastic platform to introduce your new artist channel and amplify your brand message.

The most common question we hear is, “How do we increase engagements?” The answer will vary depending on your capabilities, what you are willing to do yourself, available time, and if you are running other marketing initiatives in parallel.


Engage Back To Get Engagements

If you want to be proactive and increase engagements on your own, you will need to engage back with your audience. We say need, but engaging with your visitors should really want. You should want to engage with your audience on a personal level.

The communication with your audience should be a two-way conversation, versus a passive viewing experience. If feedback and engagements is what you are looking for, you will need to let them know you’re listening. By doing this, you should notice a difference. This will also help you draw in more positive feedback so in the long run it will dilute the negative comments.

Not engaging with your audience and expecting them to leave feedback is the same as asking a stranger to come into your home to have a conversation, but you decide to walk into the other room and binge watch Netflix.

The stranger is more likely to leave the house, rather then spending any kind of effort to try and get your to communicate. The first step is letting the audience know you are actually active and communicating, otherwise why would they engage if they are not even sure you will engage back?


Here Are A Few Tips To Increase Engagements On YouTube:

1. Ask Your Audience to Comment: At the beginning of your video ask your visitors to leave feedback and comments below. You can also mention this in the description area below your video. You might be surprised at the increase of engagements.

2. Commenting: Reply to as many people as possible and sometimes people will reply back, and even subscribe. Commenting lets your visitors know you are listening. Give them a reason to be a returning visitor. The more subscribers and returning visitors, the better chance you will increase your video share engagements. This will be conducive to your goals and organic marketing strategy. Eventually, this helps create a community and eventually monetize your channel.

3. Ask the Audience Questions: Make it easy for the audience to answer your questions, opposed to them leaving because they didn’t want to put the effort into formulating a question or what they want to say. If you ask a question, they can respond. You can always reply back later.

4. Brand Message Or Backstory: At the beginning of each video, you can talk about anything, even your life growing up. It can be in chapters as you create new videos. It can be about the struggles or mistakes you’ve made. It can be educational, inspirational or even beneficial tips.

Do you have a compelling brand message? If you do, keep the story consistent with your brand message. Always stay focused and on course.

5. Highlight Comments Or Questions:  Highlight your visitor’s comments or questions from previous videos and insert them into your new video releases. This lets visitors know you are listening and you care.

Next, you can post the new video link on your old video page in the comment section so those who engaged or subscribed will see it. This will also inform your commentators that you are addressing comments and questions from a select few, at the end of the new video.


More Ways To Reach Engagement Goals

Blog Outreach and Press Releases will contain hyperlinks. You can use these hyperlinks to lead traffic back to your specific YouTube video. This will help you reach your goal for more engagements for videos you are currently focusing on.

It is also important to evaluate other promotions from your other social media platforms. It’s possible to look at how much traffic will lead from the social media platform, back to the YouTube channel once viewers click the links.

In addition, it would be advantageous to shift focus to your other social promotions. For example, towards your new activities on YouTube. This will always depend on alternative campaigns you’re running alongside YouTube and your overall goals. Strategies are formulated around goals.

There are many ways to increase engagements for your YouTube Ad campaigns. However, improving engagements is not something that can be forced, it should evolve organically and mature over-time. Then it should be nurtured.

This will help you create the community and organic marketing strategy you are striving for.


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