'Apple Music, Labels Did Not Collude To End Freemium'

(Hypebot) – An EU probe, rumored to be motivated by Spotify, found no evidence that Apple Music and the major record labels conspired to end freemium music. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not offer a free music option.

An European Commission probe into possible collusion between Apple and the major record labels to end the practice of freemium music found nothing, four sources tell re/code. The EU regulatory body reportedly will continue to monitor the situation.

But a probe into restrictions and fees in Apple's popular app store, remains ongoing.

Apple's practice of charging 30% for all purchases within the store has drawn particular criticism. A 30% fee effectively means that Spotify, Rdio and others charge 30% more for subscriptions through Apple than they do direct sales. That disparity has become particularly damaging to competition now that Apple has launched its own competing music service.