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ARTIST SNAPSHOT: Brad Arnold Of 3 Doors Down

By Laura L. Rode (CelebrityAccess) – 3 Doors Down’s – Brad Arnold – lessons learned from mamma and the new album.

Brad Arnold, 3 Doors Down’s creator and the lead vocal powerhouse, still keeps up with his belief system, even after 15 years rocking around the world.

Meeting with Brad in the Lennon Room at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL was a surreal and humbling experience. The room itself holds so much of music’s history about a man that definitely molded music history.

Initially asked not to discuss the incident that happened at the concert in Colorado with Brad, I sat down and stated I know we’re not going to discuss this, however I just want to say “good job” on your actions in standing up to violence against women and kicking that jerk out of your show for hitting a women.

With that Brad just couldn’t contain his thoughts and opinions on that night and how some media and nay sayers have taken this and blown it into something way different. It was a genuine act of concern and a right from wrong, nothing more or less.
3 Doors down frontman Brad Arnold stopped a concert to kick out an unruly fan, and it was caught on video. On Thursday, Loudwire posted video of the 3 Doors Down concert at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado, which had the lead singer stopping mid-song to boot out a concertgoer who shoved a woman.

When Arnold spotted the pushy fan in the audience he had security intervene after he called out the concertgoer.

When Brad Arnold saw a man pushing a woman in the audience he said: “Hang on, hang on, hang on. Hey, hey homie. You don’t hit a woman. You just pushed a woman out of the way to get in a fight… Get him the hell out of here … You don’t hit a woman, dude.” Arnold also addressed the rowdy fan with an expletive before security guards rushed the scene and turned on the lights in the venue so they could see the perpetrator and escort him out.

3 Doors Down lead guitarist Chris Henderson later tweeted video of the incident and praised his fellow band mate for his reaction to the incident. Henderson wrote: “Brad kicking a dude out of the show! Just another reason I’m proud to be in this band!”

After getting that all off his chest we discussed his upcoming album releasing soon and the “Better Life Foundation” he created.

LLR: Thank you for taking time to catch up with me.

BA: Anytime, anytime.

LLR: I know we’re not suppose to discuss this, but I just want to say -Good Job on the Colorado incident, 2 million hits to date on YouTube wow.

BA: Yeah, I’ll talk with you about it. The reason I didn’t want to discuss it further, is that I didn’t do that for publicity, for press or for any reason except for the obvious reason……. I was raised that you don’t hit a woman. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and you don’t hit your sisters you don’t hit your wife… you don’t hit anybody in general, but in South Mississippi you’re raised not to hit a woman. Overwhelmingly people supported it.

But then you have people that want to turn it into something that it is totally not or call it or say that’s a sexiest statement or something else, I don’t get how they could switch that around in anyway to be sexiest or anything then what it was.

That was the last song of the main part of the show, and we went off stage and the girl that was filming it, screamed over some of the parts. I’m glad she did cause I cussed at him a little bit.

The last thing my mamma told me when I left to go on tour 15 years ago was “boy don’t you get up on that stage and cuss” and I don’t cuss on stage, ever! I talk like I talk, but not on stage, there’s always a bunch of kids out there and I went back out there after and apologized for cussing, mainly for the parents so that the kids don’t go home cussing and saying “well brad did’, well Brad also apologized for it”. I was ashamed of what I said at the moment cause he made me mad. But I know it was the right thing to do. Mamma would be proud.

LLR: Let’s talk about the new album you’ve been working on in the studio in Nashville. So is it complete now?

BA: It is complete, its getting mixed now and after it’s mixed its DONE! And I am really, really, excited about it! I think it’s the coolest record.

LLR: Is it?

BA: IT IS !!!!

I know in the past we’ve made songs that have a lot of meaning and are hits and stuff like that….but these songs are FUN and they’re just cool to get up there and play. They are a little bit harder to play and some of them have some pretty high notes in them, yeah it’s gonna be fun. (Please read this in a southern accent)

LLR: Are you performing some of the new stuff on tour?

BA: We are, 3 songs – we’ll play: “Do it in the Dark” (a really fun song), The Broken, and a song called “Still Alive”.

The 3 we play live are some of the more rambunctious of the songs, and are more fun to play live. The new album also has some easier going, more introspective songs on there as well, but who wants to play them live. Hahaha We like to play the fun ones live.

LLR: In speaking with Chris (Chris Henderson, lead guitar) last September before your began recording, he said that this album is gonna be less of the sad missing my baby, when I’m on the road type of songs that you have come to be known for – mainly because you are writing the majority of this album in the studio. How’d that actually play out for you guys?

BA: It really does reflect that… You’re right it’s not all I left my heart in Tennessee…

LLR: Exactly as you were in TN recording, it was already there….. hahhaa

BA: I know right!! That was nice to be home to write and record, I think this record became more rambunctious and creative also, as we were on the acoustic tour all year prior, although it was fun it was a bit too laid back for us…. with just standing there and performing. I had a stool for the first show then it became my cup holder.

LLR: When is the release anticipated?

BA: Originally we were pushing for October or November, but well really want to plan it out and role it out right, maybe release a sing in November, but role out the album in February. All our other releases have historically been in February. February has always been a good month for us. Really depends on the label in the end.

I’m ready to get it out there, I’m ready to let people hear it, and the songs will already be old to me hahahhaa.

LLR: What’s new with your “Better Life Foundation”?

BA: December 5th this year, lots of things being planned, not sure who’s gonna be playing in it yet, it’ll be in Tunica Mississippi.

We did get to do something cool this year as a Foundation. We were able to help internationally for the first time. We provided funding for beds for Ebola stricken children in South Africa. Amazing how a modest donation can help so many. I think we bought 80 beds and supplies. It really feels good to be able to help in such ways.

LLR: Well thank you again for your time, and have a great show tonight.

BA: Thank you, it was a pleasure.

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