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Bruce Houghton Asks: Are You Ready For A Booking Agent

STATE OF MIND (Hypebot) – I am often asked, "How to do I attract a agent?" But first an artist needs to ask themselves, "Am I ready for a booking agent?"

The venues and promoters that you want to work with are running businesses. They use your fans to make money and how many fans you have helps them calculate how much they'll pay you. An agent is also running a business. So the first question they ask themselves is, "Can the 10-15% that I collect from this act fuel the engine that runs his business?"

It is true that most agents represent a few acts (usually referred to a developing acts) that they loose money on now because they believe they will make it in the future. But even then, the agent usually wants to see a pattern of steady fan growth.

Are you ready for a booking agent? The answer can be found by looking outward from the stage. If the audience is enthusiastic and growing, than you are ready. If not, you have more work to do building you show and attracting fans.

Ask yourself this question: "What kind of person would work for 10-15% of what I make?" When the answer is clear – whether it’s because they can make a decent wage, can see imagine a successful future or perhaps a little bit of both – then you are ready for a booking agent.