Comscore Data Shows 44 Million In U.S. Have Used Apple Music

(Hypebot) – Unofficial stats derived from things like traffic and app downloads collected by third parties can be notoriously inaccurate. But a new Comscore study shows that the supposedly "leaked" stat of 10 million Apple Music users may be dramatically incorrect.

New analytics data from ComScore shows that, based on market share , about 44 million in the U.S. tried Apple Music in its first month. That number is much higher than the 10 million global user figure "leaked" by supposed industry insiders last month.

In the survey, Facebook ranked as the top smartphone app, reaching 73.3 percent of the app audience, followed by Facebook Messenger (59.5 percent), YouTube (59.3 percent) and Google Search (52 percent). Apple Music beat Twitter in audience – impressive for a new app.