EarthLink Launches EarthLink Digital Music Center

EarthLink, one of the nation's leading Internet service
providers, has
launched the EarthLink Digital Music Center. This new online
music resource
is a label-neutral distribution channel offering consumers a
convenient and
inexpensive venue for streaming, renting and purchasing music.
The Digital
Music Center ( ) is
both a
compelling alternative to traditional retail outlets, and a
viable, more
secure and higher quality option to consumers using the
popular, yet
questionable file-swapping sites.

EarthLink also unveiled partnerships with FullAudio, a leading
provider of
digital media services, and Musicmatch, the global leader in
music software and services. EarthLink's online music services
EarthLink Digital Music, powered by FullAudio, a
subscription-based service
that enables individuals to download their favorite tracks
directly to their
PC through the new EarthLink Digital Music Player; and the
EarthLink Jukebox,
powered by Musicmatch, which offers one of the easiest ways to
organize and
stream music all in one place in a fully personalized

"The EarthLink Digital Music center is a comprehensive
destination for
digital music, allowing subscribers to choose from a number of
listening options," said Erika Jolly, EarthLink's vice
president of
value-added services. "We've built the EarthLink Digital Music
Center to
give subscribers access to the music they want, how they want
it, and when
they want it — whether its downloading tracks and managing
their digital
music libraries or streaming tunes over their EarthLink
Internet connection."