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KISS Penetrates Marketplace With KISS KONDOMs

KISS is easily the most shamelessly marketed group in the history of contemporary music. From the early "blood"-inked komic books to last year's KISS KASKETs, for the burial industry, now comes KISS and safe sex with KISS KONDOMs.

"Could anyone possibly be more qualified than Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to create a rubber that truly rocks?" asked Adam Glickman, president and founder of Condomania. "After all, both these guys are rock legends, Paul adored by legions of women, and Gene, who touts to have had more than 4,600 `liaisons' in his best-selling autobiography, Kiss and Make Up."

In partnership with KISS, Condomania, the nation's first specialty retailer and e-tailer of condoms, has debuted KISS KONDOMs at Spencer Gifts stores nationwide, on, at Condomania's flagship retail store in Greenwich Village, NY, and on As part of the KONDOMs nationwide tour, they are expected to go on sale at music chains, convenience stores and specialty gift shops later this summer.

Launched in concert with Gene Simmons' Tongue Magazine, the first KONDOM in the KISS KONDOM product line, "Tongue Lubricated," features a bright red lubricated latex condom and images of Simmons sporting his signature pose — his fully extended tongue — on the condom wrapper and box. In a riveting second punch, the KISS KONDOM product line will be extended in the fall to include Studded Paul KONDOMs, featuring studded latex condoms and images of Paul Stanley on the packaging. Shortly thereafter, Love Gun Protection KONDOMs will be introduced, featuring extra strength latex condoms and images of the whole group on the packaging.

Significantly, KISS KONDOM packaging is the first ever to display a color photographic image of a person or licensed property on both the condom wrapper and on the box intended for commercial distribution.

The massive KISS following that spans four decades and millions of fans will ensure that KISS KONDOMs will reach a targeted audience not currently tapped by traditional methods and products.

"Condomania always looks for innovative ways to celebrate safer sex and to make it as enjoyable and non-intimidating an issue as possible," commented Glickman. "KISS KONDOMs will be responsible for creating new markets and accessing difficult-to-reach buyers." KISS KONDOMs will be sold in three packs with a suggested retail price of $4.95.

"Safer sex is everyone's responsibility; it's ours to try to make it fun," states Stanley. Adds Simmons, "Men should use condoms the first time and every time, which is why KISS KONDOMs are coming out."

What will KISS come up with next?