Launch For Ground Zero

Sierk Janszen, Rutger van Dijk and Reind Brackman, three well known names in the entertainment industry, have announced the formation of Ground Zero BV said to be ‘the first system integrator and show control specialist company in Holland.

Rutger van Dijk has been the manager of Vari-Lite Production Services Amsterdam since it’s establishment. Before working for Vari-Lite, Dijk worked as technical production manager on many musical productions, Cirque du Soleil Europe and Focus Showequipment.

After working as a sound-engineer for several theatre-companies in Holland, Sierk Janszen moved on to work as an applications manager at Avenger Systems in Belgium for past six years.

Finally, Reind Brackman is the owner and founder of Beo (the Dutch Compulite dealer) and Trekwerk, a company specializing in automatic flying systems and their controls.