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Many Facilities, Including Boulder’s Fox Theatre, Not Waiting To Act As A Result Of The Tragic Venue Fire In Warwick R.I.

In the aftermath of the night club fire at The Station, in Warwick, R.I., it looks like an advanced damage control campaign, from many small venues throughout the United States, is already beginning. As fire marshals fan out throughout our nation to check fire codes and compliance, some facilities, like Boulder Colorado’s Fox Theatre, are taking the pro-active approach.

In light of the recent tragedy at The Station club in Rhode Island, the Fox Theatre has issued the following expression of sympathy and reassurance to its patrons, and the industry:

To All Fox Theatre Patrons, Friends, and Family…

It comes with great sadness to have to write this to you all, but it helps us realize how serious we take our jobs to provide you with a safe place to see live music. The recent events in both Chicago, IL and Warwick, RI have us on the brink of tears, and visions of our own beloved Fox Theatre being under such a panic have been inevitable. But right HERE, right NOW, we want to let everyone know that we personally, with every bit of assurance in our souls, feel that you are in the safest venue in America when you visit us at the Fox Theatre. We have precautions beyond need, it seems at times, but right now it feels nothing could ever really be enough. First and foremost, The Fox Theatre is a stone structure, not wood, which may indeed be our greatest benefit. The Fox is also equipped with a fully working and maintained Exit Lights, Stair Lighting & Sprinkler System in case of fire. We have fire extinguishers located throughout the Fox Theatre, on stage, in the lobby, behind each bar, upstairs in our offices, as well as special electrical fire prevention units at both soundboards (HOUSE and STAGE). For your knowledge we also have two fire escapes on either side of the stage that exit into the back alley, and our lobby is “one big door” should anything go wrong. Also, in the case of an extreme emergency, double doors behind the fire retardant stage curtain would also be used to usher people out of the building. Finally, on a bi-monthly basis, we have All Staff Safety Meetings in which everyone, regardless of how long they have worked here at The Fox, sits down and reviews safety procedures, as well as group discussions of different scenarios in which a panicking crowd could cause the problems we have seen recently in clubs across the country. We urge anyone of you to talk with our security or house manager any time you have a question or concern, and in the event of an emergency, you remain calm and follow the orders of these people that are here to protect you.

I don’t know if this is our way of getting these thoughts off our chest, a way to release some pent up negative energy, or an attempt to send out a prayer or assurance from the management at one of America’s busiest venues. It is however the only way we feel we can let you know that the Fox Theatre takes its responsibilities to its employees, friends and family more serious than many know. WE all feed off of each other. If it wasn’t for each other, WE do not exist, WE do not enjoy this great place WE have created, WE are not who we are. We do not for a second take anyone or anything in regards to the Fox Theatre for granted. You are all loved and we need to see you back here again. Whether it’s tomorrow, or 5 years from now, our reason for existing is to see you all again and again, smiling, dancing and enjoying everything we work so hard, day in and day out, to accomplish.

With Love
And Deepest Sympathies for Everyone affected by these recent tragedies,

Eric Pirritt
Talent Buyer
& The Entire Fox Family
Fox Theatre
Boulder, Colorado