Matchbox 20 Concert Delayed By Bees

TUCSON, AZ (CelebrityAccess) — Usually having your concert swarmed is a good thing, unless you're talking about bees.

Such was the lamentable fate of the U.S. rock band Matchbox 20, who had a performance at Tucson's Casino Del Sol resort on Thursday delayed while exterminators dealt with a swarm of bees at the shed.

The audience was kept waiting outside of the 5,000-seater AVA Amphitheater while the bees were policed up. Lead singer Rob Thomas posted a photo of the bee keepers, with a caption, "Beekeeper has arrived!! Still trying to make this happen. Can't make this up! "

Thomas later added another post to his Twitter feed to thank the band's Tucson fans for putting up with the delay, writing: "Thanx #Tucson for waiting around. SO glad we got the show to happen!"

Tucson takes bees pretty seriously and two men died in separate bee attacks there just this week.