Music City Texas Theater Installs SLS Speakers

(CelebrityAccess MediaWire) —

Music City Texas Theater, located in Linden, TX., has installed multiple SLS speakers in its 400-seat theater. The venue has been used for years as a leading local entertainment venue featuring Don Henley, Jackson Brown, John Anderson and Marty Stewart.

"The first show we did using the SLS speakers started off without out a real sound check," said Randy Golden, president of Golden Ear Audio, who performed the installation and who has also used SLS for numerous church installations. "We plugged in the units, gave about twenty minutes to dial them in and that was it. When the show was finished, the band members were giving the speakers numerous compliments. They were thrilled with their performance. They felt their harmonies and musical range were much better than they have ever been able to hear before."

"The SLS system has been a big improvement to the way everyone sounds on stage," said Golden. "The musicians are more relaxed and put on a much better show. I've seen it first hand. With the application of the SLS speakers, the quality of the music has gotten better and the overall shows have significantly improved. We have been very successful with SLS." –Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen