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Norwegian Live Sector Up 4 Percent

The Norwegian music industry has grown to an all time high since 2012 when the annual reviews of the sector began.

The Norwegian music industry was worth NOK 3.727.000.000 ($440.262.716) in 2015. Up 5 percent from 2014.

Music in Numbers was released December 12th. The report aims to show data which says something about the industry’s size and how it develops over time. To calculate the size and worth of the industry, the report has collected revenue statistics from three main categories; copyright revenue, revenue from recorded music (physical and digital), and concerts and performance revenue.

The live sector makes up the biggest portion of total revenue, accounting for 52 percent ($227.622.000), while recorded music and copyrights each make up 24 percent ($107.852.000 for copyright revenue and $104.312.000 for recorded music).

Streaming has yet to reach its peak, growing 10 percent from 2014 to 2015. Streaming’s continued impact on the industry economy alone accounts for a year on year growth of recorded music sales of 5%.

2015’s numbers marks an all time high since the yearly tracking began in 2012. The numbers reverse the negative growth between 2013 and 2014, were revenues were down about 1 percent.

2015: NOK 3.727.000.000
2014: NOK 3.564.000.000
2013: NOK 3.598.000.000
2012: NOK

Export income

The report shows that 6 percent of total revenue comes from export revenue, the same share as previous three years. Export income has increased in sync with the general revenue.

Export revenues was worth 375.000.000NOK ($44.297.965) in 2015.

Note: Export revenue is only generated from what directly can be traced to a Norwegian company. Deals Norwegian artists and industry professionals have with foreign companies is not included. Concert statistics is made up of artist fees, and not ticket sales. Sale of merchandise is also not included.

Income from the live sector

Total income from concerts in 2015 was NOK 1.929.000.000 ($227.868.736). This marks a year on year increase of 4 percent. The amount is generated from tickets sales in Norway and artist fees from concerts outside of Norway.

Export income from concerts equaled MNOK 114 ($M13.7), a drop of 6 percent year on year. The report suggests fall in artist fees as the reason for the decrease from 2014.

Income from recorded music

Total revenue for recorded music stood at 884MNOK in 2015 ($M104.4), an impressive 9 percent increase from 2014.

Digital, and mostly streaming was the driving factor to the increase. Streaming revenue was up 10% year on year. The growth makes up for the 44 percent decrease in downloads.

It’s worth noting that revenue from ad-supported streams are not included in this report.

Vinyl had yet a massive year, with sales making physical increase 48 percent compared with 2014. Vinyl sales itself grew 69 percent from 2014, due to more titles available and a general higher demand.

Norwegian music (music published on Norwegian labels) had a market share of 26 percent, up from 22 percent in 2014.

Export stood for 5 percent of revenue in recorded music, the same share as the year before. That equals to 46MNOK ($M5,4) in 2015.

Export is defined as “income generated in markets outside Norway by companies registered in Norway”.

Export generated income from recorded music is up 22 percent year on year. Since 2012, when the yearly tracking begun, export income from recorded music has doubled.

Income from copyrights

The report finds that copyrights income contributed MNOK 914 in 2015 ($M107.97), up 2 percent year on year. Export income stands for 9 percent of the total, equal to MNOK 80 ($M9.45).

Export income is defined as revenue transferred to Norwegian rights holders by foreign collective societies. A year on year comparison shows an increase of 17 percent from 2014.

Income from sync deals who are not done directly between copyright holders and/or publishers based in Norway are not included in these numbers.