Russian Rapper Noize MC Jailed For Mocking Police

VOLGOGRAD , Russia (VIP NEWS) — One of Russia's most infamous rappers has been sentenced to 10 days in jail for mocking police.

Ivan Alexeyev, aka Noize MC, taunted police as "animals" at a concert in the southern city of Volgograd on 31 July.

His song Kuri Bambuk includes the lyrics: "Citizen! Halt. Halt. Turn out your pockets, slap, slap. Now your kidneys, kick, kick. Well off you go. Forget it, swallow it, be silent."

"They [the police] did not like this song," a spokesman for the rapper said.

'Restore justice'

According to, the trouble began during Noize MC's live show, when the drummer approached the audience and invited them to throw coins into a cap.

When a police officer asked the band to stop begging, Noize MC responded by performing Kuri Bambuk, a song about police brutality.

After the concert, the 25-year-old performer was approached by police and taken into custody, where he was held for 48 hours. On Monday a court found him guilty of disorderly conduct and sentenced him to 10 days in prison.

Noize MC is renowned for his provocative lyrics. His most famous song, Restore Justice (Mercedes S-666) is based on a road accident involving Anatoly Barkov, vice-president of Russia's oil giant Lukoil.

Two women were killed when their car collided head-on with Mr. Barkov's Mercedes in Moscow in February. Mr. Barkov has denied that he or his driver were at fault. –According to BBC