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The Indie Initiative – Borrow Someone Else's Fans

When first starting out, growing a fan base is one of the most difficult tasks any artist faces. At some point, the buzz grows and the momentum kicks in with fans telling their friends and talking about you online. But after your friends and family, where do find those first fans?

Borrow someone else's fans.

The most obvious form of fan borrowing is getting an opening act slot with a band whose fans might like you. Trading gigs with a similar artist in another city works much the same way, but there are other ways to borrow someone else's fans"

  • Flyer outside a another band's show
  • Park a van with a banner on it outside a major concert
  • Buy a local Facebook ad campaign using the names of several similar artists as key words
  • Friend the friends of similar artists on MySpace
  • Trade ads on your web site
  • Trade email lists (Be careful of ticking people off by over using this method.)
  • Watch how another band is promoting itself and learn from it
  • Frequent the discussion groups that talk about other similar acts and leave low key messages. Don't over hype or you'll get kicked off
  • Offer fans of another band an incentive to come see you. "Half price with a Grateful Dead T-shirt.)
  • Play an unofficial after party for a major concert of a band with similar fans
  • Do a unique cover of or "tribute to" another acts song and give it away.