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The Record Business Is Not The Music Business

THE VINYL WORLD (Hypebot) – Volumes have been written on the troubles facing the music business: illegal downloading is decimating sales, broadcast radio's dominance as a promotional tool has bee diminished by new media, music creation, distribution and discovery is now in the hands of the many rather than the chosen few. All are causing seismic shifts in the music business.

The problem with this doom and gloom is that they are talking about the record business and not the music business.

Other sectors of the music business are doing quite well, thank-you. People are still flocking to live shows. Almost anyone can shoot and video and there have never been so many outlets for showing them. Merchandise sales are up and online stores extend their value beyond the live show. A large musical middle class is emerging that is not constrained by the major label industrial complex.

So the next time someone says the music business is hurting, please correct them. The record business is hurting. The music business is doing just fine.