Verizon To Forward RIAA Letters

WASHINGTON, DC (Hypebot) –
Verizon has agreed to forward warning letters provided by the RIAA to targeted subscribers warning them of illegal activity. While far less than the three strikes policies advocated by some in the recording industry, the move marks a shift for Verizon who previously resisted requests from rights organizations.

"We recognize the importance of copyright and the need to enforce those copyrights," a Verizon spokesman told CNET. "Without that enforcement, intellectual property won't be generated at all. At the same time, it's important for our customers to be assured that they won't have their privacy rights trampled."

Almost a year ago the RIAA announced that it would stop using illegal file sharers and work with ISPs to shut down the activity. But to date no U.S. ISP has agreed. The letters from Verizon are part of a test by the company expected to begin Thursday. Jonathan Lamy, an RIAA spokesman, confirmed the test but declined to comment.