Widespread Panic Guitarist On Sick Leave

Widespread Panic's lead guitarist and vocalist Michael Houser
is "off the summer tour at present due to health reasons,"
according to the band's publicist. Houser, a founding member of Widespread Panic, has been
rumored to be suffering from a serious ailment for several
months, but he performed with the group at the beginning of
the tour, appearing at their headlining gig at the Bonerroo
festival on June 21. However, he has missed several performances since then. Several guest musicians have sat in with
the band during the tour, including George McConnell and
Randall Bramblett.

A few days after the band issued the above report, Houser revealed that he is suffering from a terminal form of cancer. "I want to assure all of you that all that can be done has been done," he said in a statement. "I'm at my home in Athens, Georgia, surrounded by my family, and being well taken care of. I have hopes of playing again soon, although I can't say for sure when or where, and I hope to see you all there."