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Timberlake Launches Super Bowl Show Amid A Press Backlash

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MINNEAPOLIS (CelebrityAccess) Justin Timberlake’s upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show might best be served by playing 10 minutes of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” if recent, negative press is to be taken seriously.

For whatever reason, Timberlake’s new album is causing a minor backlash against the artist, with outlets like Newsweek, Time and USA Today offering up dour, if not scathing, reviews of JT’s latest release, Man Of The Woods, his attempt to merge modern, hip music with Americana. The negativity has spilled over to attacking the artist himself.

“Lately, Timberlake’s entire music career feels like an innocent misunderstanding,” Newsweek wrote. “Since January started, the 37-year-old boyband alum has been getting a daily dunking by the Entertainment Blogging Industrial Complex: for frolicking with horses in his rootsy album trailer, for pledging support for women while also working with Woody Allen, for daring to throw a post-Super Bowl party at Prince’s Paisley Park estate, for dropping an album tracklist that reads like a camping site inventory.”

Time says Timberlake’s “comeback hasn’t quite worked.”

“While even a career as seemingly bulletproof as Timberlake’s can suffer ups and downs, this moment feels a bit more existential: now that hits come from semi-anonymous younger artists with none of Timberlake’s careful image management, full-scale pop stardom doesn’t really matter anymore,” Time‘s Daniel D’Addario wrote.

USA Today opined, as Timberlake cycles through his greatest hits on Sunday, “it’ll be a reminder of a time when Timberlake was among the most exciting names in pop, an era that, from the sounds of Man of the Woods, has since passed.”

It should be noted to the reader that the show hasn’t happened yet, and JT could still emerge as the biggest star, with the biggest tour, of the year.

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