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7 Motivational Speakers You Need To Know About

7 Motivational Speakers You Need To Know About

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We’ve all been there. Tired, hungry, and just done with everything. Well, you’re not alone. These seven motivational speakers are ones you wont want to miss out on. From performances that inspire and motivate, yet are artistically entertaining, there is no doubt that you’ll want to listen to them again and again and again. Which one is perfect for you? Find out below!

Are You in Need of Motivational Speakers?

Jeff Civillico

Incredible.” “Fun.” “A new level of clean fun. This is Jeff Civillico. His energy never ceases to bubble over to the audience and his comedy manages to make everyone laugh, even the toughest critic.

He’s a comedian and an entertainer, sure, but he’s also a motivational speaker. He is, as we call it, an entertainer with a message. Jeff Civillico has the ability to open other’s eyes to the world, inspire, and entertain them. That’s no easy task. So if you want to be happy and inspired and entertained, Jeff is the one for you!

Marilyn Sherman

Where do you want to be in life? Would you rather be in the front row, front, and center, or in the balcony, watching as life passes you by? These are the burning questions Marilyn Sherman asks with vim and vigor, exciting everyone who listens. For this reason, it is no surprise that she has become the “Top-Ranked Female Business Keynote Speaker” in the past 25 years of her speaking career.

She’s positive and energetic, but productive and direct. When she gets on that stage she has one purpose…to engage her audience in a fun, upbeat, and exciting performance. And you thought this was just another motivational speaker…

Chip Eichelberger

Lead. Motivate. Inspire, and start your streak. No, not your Snapchat streak, your personal growth streak. Chip Eichelberger is as energetic and animated as they come. With presentations that include drawing links to technology, conversations, and everyday life all in order to show you, that’s right, Y-O-U, your path to success.

Willie Jolley

Are you inspired to win? This is the question you must ask yourself while hearing Willie Jolley talk for the first time…or the second or third. Anytime really! Named “One of the Top 5 Speakers in the World”, Jolley is not one you will want to miss out on. But that’s not all he’s accomplished, he’s also been awarded the Ron Brown Distinguished Leadership Award as well as been appointed as the Business Leader of the Year from The African American Chamber of Commerce. From Walmart to Verizon and Comcast to Marriott, Willie Jolley has seen it all. With his constant energy and enthusiasm, there’s no doubt that he is one of the best motivational speakers out there.

John Register

As a Paralympic medalist and a United States Army Gulf War veteran, John Register certainly has seen his fair share of trials and tribulations. He has seen failure and he has seen success. As he shares his incredible life story, he inspires the audience to establish their own game plan for their life, just as he did after his injury. After all, if you prepare for success, you will reach it.

Laura Schwartz

A professional speaker, interviewer, author, and emcee, Laura Schwartz is no doubt a Renaissance woman. With her “what can I do for you” attitude, she is always the hit of the event. One of the most inspiring and innovative motivational speakers in the business. Lively, engaging, and all-around exciting to watch, there is no wonder why Meetings and Conventions Magazine named her one of the Best Keynote Speakers out there. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to succeed!

Michelle Ray

Are you being the best leading example you can be? Michelle Ray is not afraid to ask the hard questions that lead you to success. Pointing out how negatively we often think isn’t exactly the thing you want to hear, but knowing how to think positively and take accountability for your actions is a game changer. When you realize that your life is up to you, the world becomes a whole new place. As one of the best award-winning motivational speakers, Michelle Ray knows that this the secret to success and she wants to teach it to you.

What’s Next? 

Are you ready to take your life into your own hands? Are you ready to lead? Are you ready to be the best you can be? Then don’t hesitate or wait! Act now! Live in the moment and the moment will live with you. And never fear change.

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