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Michael Jackson

HBO-Michael Jackson

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They finally got him.

Wanted, dead or alive? Maybe Bon Jovi, but no longer Michael Jackson.

They’ve already postponed the Chicago theatre run. The tracks will be played, but Michael Jackson is about to become a pariah.

Wrong place, wrong time, to reference the old Dr. John chestnut. It’s kind of like sexual harassment. You could get away with it in the last century, but not today. Furthermore, child molestation is the third rail of our society, there’s no explanation, no excuse, you’re branded persona non grata and that’s it.

And past is prologue, i.e. R. Kelly. Despite Jim DeRogatis’s dogged investigative journalism, conventional wisdom is Mr. Kelly skated for far too long. That the industry gave him a pass, especially his record company, which liked the profit but didn’t want to hear about the behavior. Labels have been hiding behind the independent contractor myth for far too long. If acts are independent, why does the label end up owning the masters? Movie and TV studios too. Disney canned John Lasseter, and now it turns out Emma Thompson won’t work for him at his new company, Skydance. This is one thing that oldsters don’t understand, the goal posts have moved. Behavior that was tolerated then, is not tolerated now.

Like Donald Trump, Michael Jackson’s behavior has been hiding in plain sight. Was his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley ever consummated, was it just a cover-up for his bad behavior? And who is the father of his kids with Debbie Rowe? And the way he shuttled his kids around hotel rooms, and hung Blanket over the balcony… Sure, there was a bit of blowback, but since he was rich and famous he got a pass. The “New York Times” was snookered by the Donald for decades. When it finally dove into his taxes it turned out much of what he said was untrue.

But that did not involve child abuse.

Oh, don’t tell me not to dig deep. That’s the society we now live in, sunshine lights up the world.

As for the boys flip-flopping in their testimony… Did you watch Michael Cohen? Only politicians never get to change their minds, the rest of us are more fluid. As for a star’s power…it makes you do what you otherwise wouldn’t, I wish it weren’t true, but it is. You’re gonna ruin Michael Jackson’s career or get paid millions, go broke while becoming Monica Lewinsky, unable to evade the spotlight, or take the money and run?

Never underestimate power, never underestimate fame. And our nation is run on loyalty, whether it be in Congress or your own little home, we’re positively tribal.

As for truth… That’s a fungible concept these days. And people deny factual evidence, even if there’s proof. They say a photograph or video has been doctored, they say someone is lying.

So for those saying it ain’t so…too bad, it only matters if the public believes it to be so.

As for fighting on a legal technicality that HBO shouldn’t air the documentary, this is like the Republicans talking about Cohen’s credibility, not his content.

We heard the content, this is not a court of law.

So, the tsunami begins.

The Vegas show closes, because the casino can’t handle the controversy, even if people still want to go, they’ve got to deal with the picketing and the hit to their good will.

And the theatrical show never makes it to Broadway, it’s never resuscitated.

And no corporation will do a sponsorship deal.

But the music is still listened to, we learned that with R. Kelly.

It takes a long time for these stories to develop and come out. Where there’s smoke there isn’t always fire, but when the smoke never dissipates, when it builds, you pay attention.

Michael Jackson is dead. He ain’t going back to court.

As for his legacy, Fatty Arbuckle is only remembered for what happened in that San Francisco hotel room, even though he denied it.

You can’t be a child molester, they’re even killed in prison.

And can you imagine Michael Jackson in prison? No way. Which is why he convinced these boys to testify the way they did, they didn’t want to kill their friend, did they? This was not titan against titan, superstar versus superstar, this was the world’s biggest recording artist versus kids.

From time immemorial the wealthy have paid for silence. Hell, look at all the Wall Street world-beaters who kick their lovers to the curb, even the trophy wives, and pay them off.

Being rich and famous does not entitle you to break society’s rules. You think it does, but eventually everybody is caught, if by no one else but themselves. Come on, Michael Jackson couldn’t sleep, died way before his time, you think he wasn’t tortured?

They finally got him. The cash cow is killed.

Believe in yourself, not the heroes they run up the chart.

King of Pop my ass.

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