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Entertainment Marketing: Marketing to the Millennial Generation

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In 2019, the population of Millennial’s have surpassed the baby boomers, hence, they are a demographic that every artist wants to have as part of their fan base. When it comes to digital marketing for entertainment professionals, it is vital to know how to engage with millennial’s and get them interested in an artist.

In reality, marketing products and services to millennial’s may prove a trickier task than marketing to other generations. This comes as no surprise because they all have vast demographics, values, and hobbies which differ with people. Statistics show that millennial’s also have shorter attention spans and like to channel hop across the web. Millennial’s also constitute a significant proportion of the world population so they are indispensable when discussing entertainment marketing for industry professionals. To ignore the millennial’s is a death wish to any business when building a fan base. If you assume that fundamental marketing strategies are going to be okay, you guessed wrong. Time and money must be invested in knowing how millennial’s function and how they behave.

Here are a few of the entertainment marketing strategies that work for attracting millennial’s:

  • Appeal to their values: Millennial’s give more attention to and prioritize memorable experiences and social identity. Brands and people that appeal to their values will rise to the top. Millennial’s are more likely to listen to artists that are interested in making a difference. They want to align with celebrities that do good in the globe and use their star power to promote businesses with value.


  • Harness the power of social media: It is also necessary to create a strong social media presence for the artist to connect directly to their fans. When marketing for entertainment industry it is important that a lot of it is done on social media because Millennial’s love their social media. It’s becoming more vital than ever for brand building, cultivating trust, and even driving sales. In fact, a considerable percentage of millennial’s discovered the artists they listen to via social media.


  • Be real!: Marketing for industry professionals should be authentic, especially when communicating with millennial’s. It is important to be as truthful and transparent as possible. This generation has virtually all the information they can imagine at their fingertips and are constantly being bombarded with messages. It is essential to be able to cut through that noise and meet them through a multitude of media platforms and content marketing off your social and website assets as well. Whether it’s how we share our information about the artists and their music, to the interaction and communication, keeping things simple, honest, and real is how we market to all of our consumers.


  • Keep up with the latest tech: Millennial’s are always the first to operate on fresh technology. They absorb and communicate differently across different platforms with data. As a consequence, your marketing strategies should be tailored in such a way that it is applicable and can be engaged with across a multitude of devices and apps. This can imply a number of things, from the use of striking photography and video material to the inclusion of witty, related copies, depending on the platform targeted.

You would agree that effectively carrying out all of the tips above is not an easy task. Fortunately, you can focus on your business and let the marketing guru’s help you with your online marketing efforts. You can get access to these services and a whole lot more with our Entertainment Marketing Solutions. Our seasoned professionals are ready to take on your most difficult challenges.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for our initial complementary discovery phase that will be followed up with an in-depth and comprehensive marketing campaigns targeted to the millennial’s that are poised to grow the brand of your artist.


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