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How Ariana Grande Became a Fierce Force in Music through Marketing

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ORLANDO (CelebrityAccess) – Ariana Grande is perhaps one of the most recognized names in music today. She has amassed about 160 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most streamed artists in the world. All these at the age of 26!

So how did she do it? She didn’t become one of the most well-known pop stars today by chance. Careful branding and entertainment marketing are part of the key factors that have made her a household name. You may wonder what made her strategy so special. Let’s unravel this mystery…


No one likes being lied to. People are not interested in those that fake it or create the impression that they do. In whatever Ariana Grande does, she ensures she maintains the image of someone we can all relate with. Her music and lyrics are filled with content her loyal fans (popularly called Arianators) can associate with their lives.

Another factor that contributes to her authenticity is the fact that we practically saw her grow up. She has a success story most people are familiar with. From her days on Nickelodeon to her superstardom as a musical artist, her story is told to all who care to listen. Fans love a good story, so long as it’s real. What’s your story?


We cannot stress this enough, as this is one of the most important factors in her success. She has a large social media following across all social media platforms. Ariana Grande has successfully learned how to create a strong social media presence and mastered how to use it to her advantage.

She makes sure her posts are regular and she is eager to engage with her fans. Her page always comes across as real which makes it easier for people to relate with. She no doubt, has a competent entertainment marketing team to help her know how to leverage several content marketing campaigns along side her social media use.


Before you can market a product or a brand it needs to be of good quality. For her, it all begins and ends with the music. She makes sure her fans enjoy consistent access to her music, going as far as recently releasing two albums in six months. Part of what makes her music such hits is the way it is brought to the public. She teases snippets to her songs on her several social media platforms to get fans invested in it. She and her entertainment marketing team create a story about it. These techniques were used in the campaign for her wildly popular song “thank u next.”’


Ariana Grande has cultivated a good public persona over the years. She and her marketing teams have found ways to engage loyal fans by organizing competitions for them. In some way, these competitions have only served to draw her fans closer to her, making it easier for her to sell her brand and endorsements to them. Obviously, her busy schedule may not allow her time to directly organize all these, but with the help of an efficient marketing team, this is an easy and effective strategy.

Ariana Grande will be remembered in music history as one of the creative forces that changed the game. Her level of creative marketing is top-notch and she has taken entertainment marketing for professional artists to the next level. She is indeed a perfect example of how a musician could shoot into super-stardom when working with the right digital marketing company.


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