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Novel nCov Coronavirus

An Open Letter From A Coalition Of Tour Production Managers

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This open letter was provided to CelebrityAccess. We are printing it in its entirety.

To all our Crew Brothers and Sisters…

As the last few weeks have unfolded, we as a world community are faced with something none of us have ever been through before. More specifically, with the absence of any public gatherings, the impact on our lives as touring professionals is, of course, very concerning. We, as Production Managers, wanted to reach out to all of you to let you know that, though for right now we can only bring you words instead of hard solutions, we are all here for you. We have faced many challenges together and we will do the same with the current situation.

We understand the inevitable lack of income because we are forced to be restricted and that many of us have families to look after, loved ones to care for, and the outlook can get very disheartening. These are hard times and maintaining connections can be overwhelming.

We are an international community but you should know that you are not alone, and there is ALWAYS someone you can reach out to who is only a phone call or a text away.

We are in the business of discerning “facts,” which might at times need a bit more scrutiny. For the foreseeable future, this will be our task, both as individuals as well as professionals. It is crucial that we remember the importance of continuing the business of every day (or as close as we can to it, given the circumstances.) Governments are opening channels of supplies, there is a rapid flood of information being shared and coordinated preventive measures being put in place.

Because global communication and the instant spread of information has increased dramatically, there is a prevalence of incorrect statements and views. Act out of preparedness
and try and avoid irrational reactions as much as possible by understanding the science, relying on bona fide medical experts as well as math and data. COVID-19 is a pandemic – this is bigger than concerts, tours, jobs, and money, no one is immune -and it is imperative that we practice social distancing to slow the spread of the virus, “flatten” the curve to keep our health care systems from crashing.

This site from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (https://gisanddata.maps)

and this article by Thomas Pueyo, a Stanford MBA who runs Course Hero is informative

With regard to finances, it is encouraging that many artists and businesses are finding ways to support their employees /crew at least partially. Conversely, it is important for you to know that you have options. As this crisis develops, authorities are working on ways to offset and defer financial burdens for those without work.

Remember this is NOT a situation that just affects just our industry, it is a far-reaching issue, and new options are coming to light daily both via the government and inside industry sources.

Keep yourself up to speed on developments and keep in touch with your banks and other creditors.

Here are some suggested links from around the country to help address a variety of needs— these won’t fix everything but can help on both on a local and national level.

Add your name to the petition below to call on Pres. Donald Trump calling for a federal aid package for the events industry, but remember the true power of a democracy is to act locally while also getting the word to your State and Federal representatives who can help navigate the process for change on behalf of their constituents.

Please try to keep safe! Don’t put yourself at risk unnecessarily.

Don’t forget the most vulnerable, the lost, the lonely, the elderly, the least of us… they deserve our empathy and compassion. There is no small act of kindness.

We, as Production Managers, are grateful for all of you. Your achievements, work ethic, professionalism, attitude, perseverance, and presence are paramount and second to none. You are what keeps the Music Industry Machine on the move. We will all find a way to overcome this, and we will do so in a way that will set an example for many others. We truly hope that this all will pass sooner than later. However, if you need help, if you are living alone and don’t have any family, we are your family… please reach out to us. Please don’t hesitate to call any one of us, or anyone you love and trust.


Chris Adamson, Bobby Allen, Butch Allen, Fern Alvarez Jr., Curtis Battles, Harlold Behrens, Jake Berry, CJ Blair, Kit Blanchard, Dan Braun, Bret Chin-Quan, Scott Chase, Jim Digby, Steve Drymalski, Joseph Farriella, Josh Gelfond, Daniel Gibson, Anthony Giordano, Seth Goldstein, Chris Gratton, Charlie Hernandez, Hadden Hippsley, Paddy Hocken, John Hougdahl, Bob Hughes, Chris Kansy, Steve Lawler, Bill Leabody Steve Lemon, Joseph Lloyd, Robert Long, Phay Mac Mahon, Kenneth Mitchell, Tony Moon, Bill Rahmy, Chris Rankin, Chris Reynolds, George Reeves, Leon Roll, Stuart Ross, Jesse Sandler, Al Santos, Bobby Schneider, Dale Skjerseth, Mark Spring, Ron Stern, David Sutherland, Lori Tierney, Mike Tierney, George Travis, Ed Wannebo, Mark Ward, Malcom Weldon, Colin West, Mason Wilkinson, John Zajonc

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