Glastonbury’s Spin-Off Festival Tentatively Scheduled For 2021

(VIP-NEWS) — As Glastonbury 2017 went through all its motions this weekend, Michael Eavis took time out to talk about The Variety Bazaar, the much mooted new festival from Team Glasto which was at one point rumored to be a replacement for the annual Worthy Farm bash.

The first edition of the Bazaar is now penciled in for 2021. Speaking to his festival’s own Free Press, Eavis called the spin-off event “the last big gamble of my life”, while confirming the new project is not being developed to replace the Glastonbury Festival itself.

Eavis said: “We have no plans to stop doing [Glastonbury], but we want to try something in another location away from the farm, possibly in 2021. It’s still very much in the planning stages, but we’ve got to be brave enough to have a go”.

There’ll be plenty of time for doing all that planning in the next twelve months, of course, 2018 being the Glastonbury Festival’s next ‘fallow year’. Though Eavis added that they were already booking bands for both the 2019 and 2020 editions, so still work to be done.