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Overloaded With Data? Trendrr Launches Pro

THE BLOGOSPHERE (Hypebot) – Information and trends spread across the global net with lightening speed. Bloggers and fans love a show, hate a single, publish a photo, share an impression. Each of these "events", whether they are on the rise or decline and where they are coming from all come together to create buzz.

Digital marketing agency Wiredset, who works with Last.FM, Capital, Sony BMG and Universal, as well as, tv networks, book publishers and brands, created a tool to track this activity and shared a piece of it with a free public service dubbed Trendrr that I've written about previously.

This week, the company launched Trendrr Pro, a more sophisticated paid version which tracks and graphs consumption trends and activity across the digital spectrum, including social networks, blogs, torrents, Amazon, Craigslist, Twitter, Google, MySpace, and leading video sites.

I got an advance look under the hood of last week and saw the improvements:

  • real time spreadsheet reporting exportable to excel
  • real time alerts of new blog posts, tweets twitter message, etc
  • use a key word or phrase to track data across multiple sites
  • a twitter feed index that illustrates what people are saying about a band or phrase
  • options to mash multiple data sets

    The results are almost overwhelming to the untrained eye as so much data streams in from so many sources. But as Wiredset's founder Mark Ghuneim recently told AdAge, that may be the point. "Trendrr Pro is really about, 'How do I measure the edges?' Because the conversation has moved off the center. Whether it's about politics or bands or brands, that's universal."


    Trendrr continues to offer a free product that pulls some info from up to 10 sources. But the new more robust packages cost $49 – $999 per month. Clearly aimed at higher end users.

    Competitors abound with Echo Nest and Band Metrics being the two others that appear closest to really solving the media data analytics puzzle. Until recently The Echo Nest had been mostly focused on music search and recommendation; so while backed by a strong team, exactly how they will package and deliver their solution is still unknown.

    As a sometimes advisor to Band Metrics, I've also been under their private beta hood and seen real differences with the Trendr Pro offering. Most obvious is that Band Metrics is focused entirely on music and including blog reviews and airplay tracking in their data.

    The competition between these and few other companies is in its early stages; and there is room for more than one winner. Exactly how the data is gathered, presented and priced by each provider will, for example, appeal to different users. But it’s clear that today Trendrr entered the race.