Sharon Ships Ozzy Back To OZZfest

Ozzy Osbourne wanted to be by his wife/manager Sharon's side while she underwent chemotherapy for colon cancer, but after nearly passing out during her first treatment, he's being sent back on the road.

"After attending his wife Sharon's first chemotherapy treatment, he nearly passed out and had to be taken to a recovery room," his spokesperson said in a statement. "Sharon now realizes that Ozzy is better off on the road so she's shipped him back out to finish OZZfest."

Osbourne, who planned to take a three-week break (August 3-22), will now only will miss two OZZfest dates — August 3 in Columbus, OH Columbus and August 4 in Cleveland — before rejoining the tour in Michigan on August 7.

Sharon Osbourne, who underwent colon cancer surgery early last month, began chemotherapy because the cancer had spread.