Teens Prefer Music To Sex And Have No Intention Of Paying For It

TEEN YEARS (Hypebot) –
Forget free love. Today's teens are far more interested in free music. A new survey of 1000 UK youth showed that 70% of 16-19 year olds would rather go without sex than music for a week. Broaden the age group to 16-24 and the go without sex group only falls to 60%.

61% of the same age group don't feel they should have to pay for the music. Narrow the survey to 15-19% and the "Why should I pay?" crowd rises to almost 70%. Those that would pay pegged the fair price of a single track download at 39p pr (55 cents) or GBP 3.91 ($5.50) for a full album download. UK music is generally higher than in the US and yet the average price that respondents think is fair to pay for a CD is GBP6.58 ($9.50).

You Tube is the top web spot for music discovery for 38% of UK youth. MySpace and a band's own website combined to come a distant second at 15%.