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Op-Ed: Taylor Takes A Side

Op-Ed: Taylor Takes A Side

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You play offense, not defense.

Ever since Kavanaugh was confirmed the spin is Republicans have benefited, the Democrats have been pointing fingers, will it become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Republicans are spinmasters, they understand the game, the Democrats are wimps who believe in their hearts they’re on the right side and should win and when they don’t they whine. GROW A PAIR!

Oh, can I say that?

Now that’s one place the Democrats have lost the plot, with the political correctness, the trigger warnings, the decision to offend no one. Get over it, go on the playground, your mommy and daddy cannot defend you there, you’ve got to fight for your right to party, and the Democrats keep laying down arms until…

Taylor Swift takes a side.

Now you can be cynical and ask where she was during the last election cycle. But never criticize someone for becoming woke too late. At least Taylor Swift woke up. Now if she’d only write a song!

History told her not too. My inbox is filling up with messages about the Dixie Chicks. Are you too afraid to take a side? Don’t be. You too can make a difference. Hell, why is it in Tennessee you can’t register to vote election day to begin with! You’ve got to push back and…

Ignore the news.

Don’t you get it, THE MEDIA IS LOVING THIS! THEY’VE SUDDENLY GOT A HORSE RACE! They love telling stories about the Republican resurgence.

As for the pollsters… Are they reaching millennials on landlines? If you trust the polls today, you probably trust the news, and never in our history has the fourth estate been more wrong.

This is the sixties all over again, in other words, WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?

And what we learn is the inequitable side stuck in the past always loses in the end. That’s right, we’ve got abortion, we’ve got gay marriage, the Republicans are on the wrong side of history, don’t default to them, SPEAK UP!

Hell, the Republicans have their ducks in a row, their talking points set up. Protests are funded by Soros. Innocent until proven guilty. Ignore your past statements as you double down on your new. And what do the Democrats do? BLAME AVENATTI!

As if the confirmation of Kavanaugh was the World Series, but it’s just a playoff game, the real contest takes place in November. As for Kavanaugh…there’s always another season.

I’m not saying I’m optimistic. But I am saying I’m willing to take a side and stick with it, and point fingers at their team, not ours.

Wake up! Supporting women is a GOOD THING! A WINNING STRATEGY! Everybody has a mother, you don’t want to stop pushing on this. Furthermore, this is what Republicans do best, agitate and define the debate. It’s about time the Democrats defined the debate. Sure, I’m temporarily demoralized, we lost the game, but we did a hell of a job. We revealed the temperament of Kavanaugh, we exposed the duplicity of Susan Collins, who always says she feels one way but goes the other. This is to our BENEFIT!

All those professors coming down on Kavanaugh, the ex-justice, wow, I’d say we’re on a WINNING STREAK!

But the Republicans keep telling us we’re not and we’re buying it, blaming ourselves, and they’re laughing as we cripple our message.

Let your freak flag fly. Now is the time to be yourself, to stand up for something. They keep telling us we’re breaking America, when THEY DID! They marched on Charlottesville or endorsed it. They are the ones who didn’t put all of Kavanaugh’s past in evidence. But like good prosecutors, they keep blaming it on us. WE’RE BLAMELESS! We just want fairness for ALL! Is that a bad thing? OF COURSE NOT!

P.S. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift reaches many more voters than Fox. That’s the power of our side. When they say entertainers aren’t entitled to a voice tell them politics is show business for ugly people and that it’s all the same game.

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