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6 Golden Rules for a Successful Fundraising Event

6 Golden Rules for a Successful Fundraising Event

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If you are about to organize a fundraising event, you already know that there are plenty of things to consider and be aware of. The key to a successful event relies on accurate planning. Here are 6 essential fundraising event rules that will help you organize a great non-profit fundraising event.

  1. Set your goals carefully

Every practical project starts with a written plan, and every program begins by setting the right objectives. Make sure you know where you are headed before actually embarking on this trip. Here are two questions that will help you define the goals of your fundraising event:

  1. What is the purpose of your event?
    Figure out which is the expected outcome of your efforts and the causes you are raising money for.
  2. How much money does your nonprofit plan on raising?
    Every charity event aims to gather funds for a particular purpose. You need to have a clear idea when it comes to the exact amount of money you want to collect from your donors.
  3. Make sure the chairperson has all the skills needed

If you wish to organize a memorable fundraising event, you should consider having a responsible management committee. Most event planners are drawn to familiar figures, big business owners, or prominent donors who have made significant donations in the past.

Before you make that choice, keep in mind that this person will play a key role throughout your fundraising event. 

This individual’s primary purpose will be to convince the audience to donate money. They are more likely to be successful in accomplishing this task if they have donated themselves and can offer a personal example. It is important you make sure the person representing your nonprofit is as passionate and involved in your cause as you are.

  1. Allocate the right budget

If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises while organizing a fundraising event, calculate your budget as accurately as possible. Take into account all necessary expenses your event requires, such as room rental, staff, transportation, and so on. Then make sure also to put something aside for variable costs.


  1. Promote your fundraising event

Every project requires marketing, and the best fundraising events are mainly influenced by the marketing strategy you choose to implement. If your endeavor fails, you risk hosting an event that won’t gather enough donors and funds.

Use whatever means seem suitable for your target audience: call them, email them, use social media, or send out written invitations, just make sure you spread the word, and that people will be willing to spend their time and money attending your event.

  1. Get to know your audience

Based on your previous experience or predictions, try to distinguish who your target audience is. Most fundraising events are aimed at almost anyone who is willing to donate, but according to your cause, you might need to target a very specific audience, such as business people and professionals who have a high income.

Define your target audience before sending out your invitations, because they also need to be crafted accordingly.

  1. Entertain your audience

Extreme seriousness is no longer a must for this kind of events. People expect to be entertained at a fundraising event since it makes them feel less formal. Also, donating becomes more pleasant.

If you want to make sure your donors will remember your event, hire professional entertainers. If you need some suggestions, I would personally recommend Bob Nelson for his unique and ingenious ways to keep the audience engaged throughout an entire evening.

The essence of any fundraising event is people’s desire to give. No matter how much or often they donate, every effort counts, so don’t forget to make them feel that they’ve made a difference, and thank them.


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