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5 Ways to Branch Out with Your Fundraising Entertainment Choices in 2019

5 Ways to Branch Out with Your Fundraising Entertainment Choices in 2019

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The best compliment an event planner could get with their fundraising entertainment is a roomful of people who want to come back to your next fundraiser.

To achieve such a goal, one needs to have a strategy in place. Is this the case for you?

If the answer is “no,” you might need some inspiration with the following 5-point guideline on fundraising in 2019.

  1. Use Crowdfunding

Peer-to-peer fundraising has proven its worth time and time again. If you think you can get donations from practically any corner of the world, you uncover a whole new territory. 

Which leads us further to the entertainment part.

Say you managed to involve a significant number of new donors. Now how can you entertain those who’ve contributed but cannot attend an event?

You can solve the situation by investing in audio-video equipment and setting live streams of your events.

  1. Build Online Presence

With fundraisers, much effort is put into event preparation – venue, food or invitations.

However, the last item on the list can be achieved significantly more easily if you worked on your online presence.

For a start, it is a good idea to grow your blog or website. Try to monitor trending topics and link them to fundraising principles or themes. Then publish your content based on a thorough content plan.

The idea is to build up a resource people can always access and get to know your acts. They will feel much more compelled to rally to your cause – which will further ignite your brand awareness.

  1. Be Open to Partnerships

2019 will most likely not be the year to go alone on your path.

Teaming up with fellow organizers or with other organizations can show your audience you:

Value the importance of experience sharing.

Are willing to go to great lengths to get the best fundraising entertainment. After all, collaborations can get you more famous performers.

Get along with peers in the fundraising world and work towards the viewers’ best interest.

Are able to think globally and learn the best practices, even if you do not share the exact values as your partners.

In the fundraising world, it is about spreading good vibes and value. To succeed, it is useful if you start with the betterment of your principles.

  1. Prioritize Mobile Friendliness

It seems everyone is channeling their efforts towards optimizing for mobile devices.

Is that something you should also be doing? The answer is a definite “yes,” especially if you rely on online donations. 

Users usually get frustrated by pages which don’t load and could easily tune out and lose interest.

Plus, Mobile is a great medium for showcasing appealing announcements or calls-to-action in a neat, creative design.

Channeling your efforts towards mobile responsiveness is one of the smartest decision for a fundraiser who wants to branch out.

  1. Fundraising Entertainment Should Incorporate More Social Media

Do we need to say more? Social media is essential these days, within almost all industries.

Why should you increase your social networks presence? Just a few reasons:

You can gather a larger following with minimal resources.

You can ask for volunteers in online communities, in case you need a quick solution.

Engagement is crucial to a fundraiser and social media grants you that – if used well. At this point, it is worth doing research on the best-suited platforms for you. Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn are not the only options.


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