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Police Line
( By Yumi Kimura from Yokohama, JAPAN / CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Police In France Investigating A Series Of Needle Attacks At Nightclubs And Music Festivals

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(CelebrityAccess) — Law enforcement officials in France are investigating a series of needle attacks on young people at nightclubs in recent weeks that have convinced some fans to stay home instead of attending live music events.

According to the Agence France-Presse, the victims, mostly women, report a sudden onset of nausea, dizziness and sharp pain and later detect a red dot surrounded by a circular blue bruise which is believed to be caused by a needle.

According to the AFP, roughly 60 cases have been reported in in April, with the actual number expected to be much higher.

The victims include 21-year-old Eloise Cornut, who reported feeling a sudden onset of “cold sweat, nausea, shivering and dizziness” after a night out on the town according to the AFP.

Cornut, who says she doesn’t drink, or use drugs, said she felt better the next day, but a colleague later noticed a needle mark in the back of her arm.

“It was a red dot with half an inch of blue bruising around,” she told AFP.

Cornut reported the incident to police and sought medical treatment, including an HIV test

The purported needle attacks have spread beyond nightclubs as well, the AFP reported. Police told the AFP they received nine reports of similar attacks at the Printemps de Bourges music festival in entral France, one of the country’s biggest music events.

“We don’t know whether we’re looking for syringes or whether they’re using simple pins,” said Agnes Bonjean, chief of staff told the AFP.

As of yet, police have not yet established the assailants’ identity or motives for the alleged attacks.

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