Bestival Opens Consultancy Company

LONDON (Hypebot) – UK based Bestival promoters Josie da Bank and Ziggy Gilsenan have launched House of Bestival, offering event consultancy, creative production and prop hire.

The live execs offer more than a decade’s hands-on experience in the industry sector, drawing on Josie da Bank’s creative insights, Ziggy Gilsenan’s marketing techniques, and their collective experience gained creating themes, venues and eye-opening installations at Bestival.

Josie da Bank said: “Our creative prop house is a treasure trove of Bestival magic that clients now have access to. Likewise, we are also taking on briefs to create original, innovative props for unique events, inspired by the vision and artistry of Bestival”.

Ziggy Gilsenan added: “Our ethos is about developing an original, killer concept and turning it into an epic consumer experience that becomes the centrepiece to a truly effective marketing campaign or an unforgettable event.”

So far in 2015, House of Bestival has teamed up with BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, with 20-foot high shooting stars, festoon and bunting. The House of Bestival team also worked for Nile Rodgers’ Chic album launch party at the Roundhouse in London. –according to MusicWeek