Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Acquires Aggie Theatre

FORT COLLINS (CelebrityAccess) — Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, a popular Denver concert venue, announced that they have acquired the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.

A rep from Cervantes told CelebrityAccess that Kyle Stych will stay on at the Aggie as general manager, with Cervantes' Scott Morrill taking over talent buying for the venue.

As a part of the acquisition, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom announced plans to upgrade the 650 person Aggie with a new sound system and other renovations with an eye towars bringing larger, nationally touring acts into the Fort Collins market.

Both venues have a significant amount of Colorado history. The Aggie is the 2nd largest venue in Fort Collins residing in a turn of the century Old Town building. Built in 1906, the Aggie started out as a furniture store and then was converted to a movie theater. In 1993 it had rocking chairs for seats! In December of 1995 the Aggie had it’s last official movie as a cinema and the venue reopened by Saco Leary in 2002 as a concert venue./

Cervantes' plays a major role behind Sonic Bloom and Arise which are Colorado's two biggest camping festivals. Cervantes' is presenting the first ever Halloween at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2015. Cervantes’ is also known for its street festivals and has plans to bring that flavor to the streets of Fort Collins. – Staff Writers