City Appeals E2 Stampede Ruling In State Supreme Court

CHICAGO (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — The city of Chicago has indicated that it plans to ask for the reinstatement of charges against the owners of the E2 Nightclub where 21 people were crushed to death during a 2003 stampede at the club.

In 2009, a jury found Calvin Hollins and Dwain Kyles guilty of criminal contempt for allegedly failing to close the club after a city housing court ordered them to do so months before the deadly incident. However, a state appellate court overturned the verdict and a sentence of 2 years, claiming that the housing courts order was amiguous.

The appellate court also took exception to the link between the violations that led to the closure order and the stampeded deaths, which resulted from a security guard using pepper spray during an incident.

“The city asserted that if respondents had been acting in compliance with that order, there would not have been 21 dead and 50 injured patrons,” the appellate court opinion stated. “There was no explanation as to how the building code violations related to the actual incident and tragic deaths and injuries.”

Now, according to the Chicago Tribune, the city is asking the state's Supreme Court to take up the case and has expressed concern that the appellate decision may open the door to other business owenrs ignoring court orders.

The court heard arguments from both sides on Jan. 23rd but an ruling is not expected for several months. – CelebrityAccess Staff Writers