Frankfurt Moves To Dramatically Restrict Outdoor Posters

FRANKFURT, Germany (VIP-NEWS) — The City of Frankfurt has reorganized its outdoor billboard regulations and new policies foresee in particular for a disadvantage for smaller companies and the loss of up to 5.000 smaller billboard spaces which tell recently were frequently used to advertise culture events.

The politician Mike Josef, a member of the SPD and currently also the head of the town planning service department, ventured in an interview with the newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ) the banning of "wild west billposting", aiming for more "quality rather than quantity"

The consequences of this new policy that are supposed to come into effect in 2018 have meanwhile led to the affected local culture sector players launching an online petition entitled, "Frankfurt – No city for culture", asking for support in voting against city council ideas and plans for its new policy.