Lloyd Dobler "Mobler" Takes On NYC

NEW YORK (Hypebot) – Imagine a gaggle of trench coated indie rock nerds walk around NYC with blaring boom boxes held over their heads and you've got a bit of the flavor of this pr stunt involving indie rockers Llyod Dobler Effect. The press release tries to explain, but only the videos do it justice:

A Lloyd Dobler mob – “Mobler” – took over New York City on the release date of November 3rd! Wearing white t-shirts and trench coats and lifting boomboxes over their heads the Mobler serenaded pedestrians and entertained passers by. The Mobler journey through the city ended in Times Square with a performance by the band the Lloyd Dobler Effect of the iconic song from the film “In Your Eyes.” They were joined by many fans throughout the day, as everyone was encouraged to “B-Y-O-Boombox!”

Watch the videos on YouTube.