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Op-Ed: France – By Bob Lefsetz

Gayle Fine at Q Prime gave me permission to tweet on Passover.

So I had to send one about the ISP vote in France. It didn't pass. My buddies John Kennedy and Paul McGuinness have egg on their faces. I can understand Kennedy fighting the tide, that's his job, he's paid by record companies, but I don't understand why McGuinness is taking this path. Bottom line, a great percentage of legislators in France didn't show up to vote, they were afraid of pissing off their constituents!

You're supported by your audience, can't you see that? You've got to have the hearts and minds first. Suing file traders didn't stop P2P piracy and the threat of clamping down via ISP is not a solution.

While I'm here, are you following the Billy Bob story?

What an asshole.

My first instinct was great publicity. Despite releasing three albums this year, no one knew who the Boxmasters were, and most of those who did didn't care.

But then I realized that in a TMZ/reality TV world, fame doesn't equate to dough. People now know Billy Bob makes music and they STILL don't care.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get the hang of this Twitter thing.

Definitely sign up. (Follow me here)

Download Tweetdeck.

I'm not going to utilize the same material there and here. I tweeted first about the French vote. I was not going to write about it here. But I figured I'd give you guys a heads up. That if you want all the info, you've got to get on Twitter.


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