Patti LaBelle Handles Unwelcomed Stage Guest

VANCOUVER (CelebrityAccess) — Grammy award-winning singer Patti LaBelle waved off security while dealing with a fan who joined Labelle on stage, body checking the would be dancer.

A video of the incident shows a man on stage with LaBelle, starting to perform what appears to be a strip tease, causing LaBelle to caution him, “Don’t you dare, not on my stage…I am not Nicki Minaj or that little Miley."

The man then appeared to present his rear end to the 71-year-old LaBelle, at which point, she body-checked the fan into the arms of a waiting member of the venue's security team.

After the fan was escorted off stage, LaBelle apologized to the audience for her bad language, blaming it on her blaming it on her being a Gemini.

– Staff Writers