Spotify Loses Developer To Facebook

PALO ALTO, CA (Hypebot) – Spotify's chief designer and developer Rasmus Andersson has taken a position at Facebook.

The move could signal new interest in music at Facebook who are one of the the last major internet players to essentially ignore the music space.

Since 2006, the youthful Andersson been responsible for Spotify's creative, design, brand identity and user interaction. His clean user-friendly design has played a major role in the music service's success.

"After four years of giving birth to and developing Spotify, I’m moving on to a new adventure: In October later this year I’m starting as a product designer at Facebook,"  Andersson wrote on his blog.

"Leaving Spotify is indeed very emotional – my little baby – but at some point you have to let the bird out of it’s cage…  For me, working with basic human needs (music, social interaction, etc) in an aspect where peoples lives are being improved, has always been the focus of my professional life, thus both Spotify and now Facebook."