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Spice Up Your Next Fundraising Events With These Creative Tips

Spice Up Your Next Fundraising Events With These Creative Tips

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Coming up with new creative ideas to implement at your fundraising events can influence the donor retention in a positive way. Most donors are pretty much used to the same fundraisers every single year.

Moreover, even though this type of event is mostly focused on a good cause, there’s nothing wrong with making it unique, and thinking about strategies to do so.

In this article, we made a list of some cool ideas you can try for your next fundraiser.

How to stop your next fundraising events from being boring

  1. Choose a theme.Themes are fun, they can be extremely creative, and you can find one that will fit the type of fundraiser you are having. For example, if it is a fundraising event for cancer research, the theme could be that all the attendees need to wear something pink. Imagine how men would rock pink ties!
  2. Organize a contest.Don’t stick to the primary contests or games that fundraising events are organizing. You can run a contest that is similar to those we see on TV, but with a lower budget. It could be something like “Do you want to be a millionaire?”, Moreover, taken the example I showed above it could transform into “Do you wish to help cancer research?” The answer to this question is obvious, but it will be more interesting this way.
  3. Donate and win something.Some people are more willing to give if they receive an incentive. You can talk to some big companies to see whether they are prepared to offer some cool prizes. It is kind of dull to provide material things, so you can make a list of prizes that will add value to someone’s life, such as meeting an influential celebrity, or visiting the NASA (this is just a fictional example, to give you an idea).
  4. Make it easy to donate.Many people want to help, but they do not have money to donate. Instead, you can do something like “donate your skill”. Talented people can come forward and help others learn what they do best, and so it is a win-win situation. Also, this idea will get more people involved, because donating is not only about giving money.
  5. Make the location attractive.Conference rooms are the most used type of places for fundraising events, but it does not have to be a cold place because of that. You can turn it into a maze, a game, something that will intrigue the attendees, and that will make them say “I wish I would’ve thought of that!”.
  6. Come up with the unexpected.You do not have to shock the guests or something like that. However, it is a good idea to surprise them whenever you can. For example, at the entrance, you can give them a little consideration, prepare a show with quality entertainment they did not know about, or even have a unique design for the food bar. Do whatever you can to stand out from the crowd.

Entertainment is a must even at fundraisers

We do hope that these tips will help you come up with some great ideas for your next fundraising event.

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