Episode 95: AEG Presents’ Bobby Reynolds, APA’s Noel Largess

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Promoter 101: episode 95This week on Promoter 101 The Podcast we’ve got Promoter 101 # 95 – AEG Presents’ Bobby Reynolds talks about the challenges of booking Sin City.

APA’s Noel Largess breaks down her path to success.

A War Story with Kill The 8 Merch Company’s Aaron Rosen.

Emporium Presents’ Dan Steinberg welcomes special guest co-host from Nederlander Concerts Jamie Loeb.

And News of the Week with WORKS Entertainment Luke Pierce and  Billboard / Amplify Media’s Dave Brooks.

Direct Link: https://soundcloud.com/promoter101/promoter-101-95-aeg-presents-bobby-reynolds-apas-noel-largess/s-oL67Q

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