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Why Organic Marketing Benefits Artists vs Buying Preset Packages

Why Organic Marketing Benefits Artists vs Buying Preset Packages

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Orlando, Florida (CelebrityAccess) – Competition is fierce, and companies are constantly looking out for innovations and tools that will further boost their campaigns.

Technology can be used in various ways, one of which “supposedly” helps artists is automated social engagement programs. Through the use of bots and algorithms, digital marketing companies can offer artists instant “fan likes” or “followers” by the thousands, or if they can afford it, the numbers can even reach millions. These automated bots can also stream the artists’ music through different platforms and depending on the package, hits and plays reach thousands. Looking at the numbers, anyone will be tempted to purchase such packages and boost popularity by leaps and bounds. After all, isn’t it every musician’s dream to be heard and be deemed worthy of an audience?

Disadvantages of Preset Guaranteed Packages: Purchasing preset packages that guarantee likes, plays, and social engagements are indeed fuss-free for artists: no need to pay for digital marketing agencies and still gain instant popularity. While these packages can indeed look inexpensive and sustainable in the long run, this will lack the genuine interaction between an artist and a fan. The number of streams you see will not come from real people or people who are truly interested in your music, and these are not people who will become fans or listen to more of your music and content. Basically, if your engagements and results are forced, it’s unlikely to be shared organically or gain traction. Really, you didn’t reach anyone at all, especially those who would relate to your music or brand message.

Another disadvantage of preset packages is that some social media platforms periodically clean up fake accounts and this might affect these preset packages since mere bots are behind them. You might suddenly find the number of “likes and followers” are cut in half, and this is not what you want as an artist’s trying to grow organically, it’s the exact opposite.

The only way to grow as an artist’s is through organic marketing. Organic marketing packages and strategies tailored to your goals and audience will get real people to interact, view content, like and follow social media pages, as well as share content published to reputable third-party sources. It’s important to develop a marketing campaign which focuses on genuine results without the need for preset packages. While organic marketing is nowhere near the speed of gaining instant numbers, you can be sure that your music is heard, and in turn, appreciated.

Take advantage of organic music marketing, social media and the power of digital marketing the way our marketing division utilizes them to your professional advantage and success.

It’s important to intelligently harness the power of the internet by utilizing SEO marketing, even on a psychological level, to attract real people who will be interested in your music and content. These are the same people who will be excited to share your music and content, and this is what generates an organic following – no fake numbers, no fake likes, only real growth and publicity. We find it important to run pilot campaign, and test algorithms to study the trends and data which come from your viewers and listeners, and we use this to launch additional campaigns that will help increase the volume and amplify your music.

As an artist, wouldn’t it be a better option to reach real people genuinely interested in your music? After all, this is the essence of being an artist – to be heard, to be appreciated, to be transcendent…


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